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Iron Tribe PRIME: Become the Best Version of You in Every Aspect of Your Life
Iron Tribe PRIME is a semi-private program for nutrition, strength, and fat loss.

This is our highest level and most customized offering that we deliver.

Limited to 45 clients per location.
With exceptional Coaching as our foundation, our method targets several key areas that help members achieve their specific health and fitness goals.
  • 1 Coach to 4 Athlete Ratio
  • Customizable training and nutrition program based on your individual goals
  • Personalized training and accountability program created by your coach
  • ​Customized, individual meal plans
Here's How You'll Improve
Body Composition
  • Lose body fat
  • Get lean, fit, athletic
  • ​Get a ‘rockin’ bod’!
  • ​Avoid ‘skinny fat’
  • Build powerful muscles
  • Improve bone density
  • ​Do the things you love with family (climbing, biking, swimming)
  • ​Do the things you’ve always wanted to do
  • Grow in confidence
  • Become mentally stronger
  • ​Have greater resilience
  • ​Realize your unlimited potential
  • ‘Spring out of bed’ vitality
  • Enjoy greater emotional energy
  • ​Have more firepower for the day
  • ​Discover your best self
“I 100% recommend PRIME. They individualize the training, look at what you can and can't do, and build a training program to meet your needs.
I've had dramatic results. I've lost about 7% body fat and about 10lbs. I'm gaining muscle and strength and I've also lost inches.”
PRIME has been amazing. One of the biggest accomplishments is going from 23% body fat to 15%. I have new confidence in my body building and weightlifting abilities. It has been amazing.
“I've experienced the ability to have more capacity. I've gotten a lot stronger which was one of my goals. We focus on what I need to meet my goals in a way that you just don't get anywhere else.
“I've gotten more toned, I feel healthier, I feel better. The custom approach to my diet and workouts and the 1 on 1 coaching makes sure I'm going in the right direction. You get more attention and focus on you.
“For me PRIME has been getting back into shape post COVID. A lot of my key indicators for my health are starting to go in the right direction. I can come in and know the programming is right for me because of the individualized approach.
Our Guarantee
After the first 12 weeks, if you’re not leaner, stronger, or more confident than when you first stepped through our doors, we will refund your entire package investment, if you can honestly say you followed your commitments to us:
  • Followed your coach directed workout routine at a minimum of 3 times per week.
  • Gave your best effort to each workout.
  • ​Were honest about your nutrition and open to new eating habits.
“The experience for me has been wonderful. I get to create deep relationships and I also get to see their daily and weekly progress. I'm invested in their progress in a meaningful way.
“I get to personalize the training to the individual. I love the relationship aspect of PRIME. My clients trust me to help them reach their goals. I get to see all the highs and lows. We get to set a target and work together to reach it.”
“With PRIME it really is truly individualized. You're in a setting of 1-4 people, but everyone might be doing a different program. It allows customization as a coach and we see people achieving goals faster.”
Since 2010, Iron Tribe has served over 30,000+ clients. The company started as a garage gym in Birmingham, Alabama, and has now grown to 30+ locations across the USA. Iron Tribe has been featured in national media such as ABC, CBS, Fox News and was recognized as one of the top workouts in America by Men’s Journal magazine.
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